Sliced ​​Italian salami with cheese. € 9.00

 Allergens: dairy products.

                 Sliced of goose salami . € 11.00                          


Pumpkin and mushroom flan.€ 10.00                 

 Allergens: dairy products, eggs, wheat.

Cantabrian anchovies chicory salad and mozzarella

bufalo.€ 11.00

 Allergens: fish, dairy products.

Trota in carpione. € 10.00

Allergens: wheat, fish




Risotto (min two people)

Carnaroli risotto with sausage and bonarda.

€ 10.00

Allergens: dairy products

Potato gnocchi with artichokes and crispy bacon.

€ 10,00

Allergens:wheat, dairy products, eggs.



Cappellaci del Previ with beef and veal braised in butter and sage

€ 10.00


Organic legume ravioli on parmesan fondue and balsamic vinegar reduction. € 10.00

Allergens: wheat, dairy products, eggs, legumes.



Main courses of meat


Roasted pork leg lightly caramelized in honey with potatoes and Tropea onions. € 13.00

Allergens: wheat, dairy products.


Veal nut in soft roast with chestnuts and mascarpone on cream of potatoes.€ 14.00

Allergens: wheat, dairy products.


Grilled lamb chops with fine herbs € 15.00


Sliced beef sirloin with a mixture of aromatic herbs and almonds € 15.00

Allergens: almonds.


Beef fillet with green pepper € 19.00

Allergens: dairy product.



Cheese platter with honey, mustards and raisin wine € 11.00

Allergens: dairy product.





Sturgeon escalope to the village € 15.00

Allergens: fish,dairy product.





Apple tarte tatin with cream ice cream € 6.00

Allergens: wheat, dairy products.


Parfait with walnuts, white chocolate and meringues.€ 6.00

Allergens:nuts, eggs, dairy products.


Hazelnut and pear tart with cinnamon English cream.€ 6.00
Allergens:eggs, dairy products, hazelnuts, wheat.


Creamy chocolate cake with red fruit sauce.€ 6.00

Allergens: eggs, dairy products, wheat.

Green apple sorbet € 5.00

Lemon sorbet € 5,00

Passion fruit sorbet € 5,00

Cream ice cream € 5,00

Allergens: milk, eggs, soy.

Cocoa ice cream € 5,00

Allergens: milk, soy eggs.