Sliced Italian salami with cheese € 9.00

Allergens: dairy products;

Anchovies in green with burratina and cherry tomatoes confit € 9.00

Allergens: fish, dairy products, wheat

Zibello culatello with melon € 11,00

Flan of zucchini, almonds and basilwith parmesan fondue € 8,00

Allergens: eggs, dairy products, wheat;








Rice (at least two people)

Rice with zucchini in bloom, prawns and saffron € 9,00

Allergens: dairy products, fish;

Cappellacci of Previ pastas filled of beef and veal meats braised with melted butter and sage € 9,00

Allergens: wheat, eggs, celery, cheese;

Eggplant ravioli and buffalo mozzarella, ilflet of tomato, olives and basil € 9,00

Allergens: wheat, dairy products, eggs;

Fresh pasta tagliolines with vegetable salad, cherry tomatoes and basil pesto € 9,00

Allergens: grain, eggs;





Piedmontese pink pepper breed fillet With baked potatoes € 19,00

Allergens: butter;

Sliced Piedmont breed beef sirloin with rosemary with potatoes € 15,00

The veal tuna € 12,00

Allergens: fish, eggs;

Lamb chops on grill with herbs € 15,00

Piedmont beef knife, capers, pink Himalayas salt and green sauce € 12,00

Allergens: dairy products;







Cheese platter with honey, mustard and sweet wine € 9,00

Allergens: cheese;







Escalope of sturgeon to the village € 15.00

Allergens: dairy products, fish;

Poached octopus with cherry tomatoes and pine nuts € 12,00

Allergens: fish, pine nuts;

Fillet of St Peter's in potato crust € 12,00

Allergens: fish;






Apple tarte tatin with vanilla ice cream € 6,00

Allergens: wheat, butter;

Tiramisu (our production) € 6,00

Allergens: dairy products, eggs, wheat;

Soft chocolate with cinnamon sauce € 6,00

Allergens: eggs, wheat, dairy products;

Cracked peaches with chocolate sauce € 5,00

Allergens: dairy products;

Fresh pineapple € 5.00

Green apple sorbet € 5,00

Lemon sorbet € 5,00

Peach sorbet € 5,00 Apricot sorbet € 5,00

Icecream€ 5.00

Allergens: milk, eggs, soy;

Ice cream with chocolate € 5.00

Allergens: milk, eggs, soy;