Sliced ​​Italian salami with cheese € 9.00

Allergens: dairy products.

Artichoke and potato strudel with parmesan cheese fondue € 9.00

Allergens: dairy products, wheat, eggs.

Trout in carpione € 9.00

Allergens: fish.

Lightly smoked cold salmon,

croutons and butter curls € 8.00

Allergens: fish, wheat, dairy products.








Risotto (min two people)

Carnaroli risotto with sausage, saffron end raspadüra € 9.00

Allergens: dairy products;

Cappellaci del Previ with beef and veal braised in butter and sage € 9.00

Allergens: wheat, eggs, celery, cheese;

pisarei e faśö (antica ricetta piacentina) 9.00

Allergens: wheat, dairy products;

Ravioli with mixed mushrooms, ricotta and chestnuts

  on pumpkin cream € 9.00

Allergens: dairy products, wheat, eggs;

Cream of black cabbage, croutons and crispy speck € 8.00

Allergens: dairy products, wheat;






Baked veal stew with buttafuoco with crispy white polenta € 14.00

Allergens: wheat, dairy products;

Grilled lamb chops with fine herbs € 15.00

Sirloin steak cut into rosemary € 15.00

Beef fillet with green pepper € 19.00

Allergens: wheat;

Great boiled with mustard, green sauce and steamed vegetables € 13.00

Allergens: dairy products;



Cheese platter with honey, mustards and raisin wine € 11.00

Allergens: fish, butter;




Scaloppa of sturgeon to the village € 15,00

Allergens: fish, butter;





 Nougat parfait with crunchy cashew nuts and dark chocolate flakes € 6.00

Allergens: wheat, eggs, dairy products, almonds, cashews;

Apple tarte tatin with cream ice cream € 6.00

Allergens: wheat, butter;

Tiramisù 2018 € 6.00

Allergens: eggs, dairy products, wheat;

Passito eggnog with biscuits € 5,00

Allergens: wheat, eggs, dairy products;

Green apple sorbet € 5.00

Lemon sorbet € 5,00

Passion fruit sorbet € 5,00

Cream ice cream € 5,00

Allergens: milk, eggs, soy;

Cocoa ice cream € 5,00

Allergens: milk, soy eggs;